Branching out and a little request

One of the things I have as a goal for the year is to branch out and have Mee a Bee bags available in a few more places.

I do have some fabulous online retailers on board already:

Beyond Pink and Blue, Little Bird Decor, shak-shuka, chocolate+chilli, unique boutique
check them out, lots of end-of season sales happening!

People write to tell me about their favourite little stores to visit in person. They often say how they could see Mee a Bee bags there. I love hearing these stories and always plan to get in touch ... but I am quite wimpy about making this type of 'cold call'.

I've decided to take decisive action. I've had some postcards printed up and plan to send them to a handful of retail shops. So here's where you come in. A favor. Pretty Please. Could you tell me about your little gem, your favourite boutique, your pick-me-up place, your can't-resist-popping-in place, your never-escape-empty-handed place. {that sells pretty things for kids, supports handmade and is just gorgeous}

If the shop has a website or something I can see online, all the better.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


  1. Of course I can help!

    Shorties in Newtown, Sydney -
    My Messy Room in Summer Hill, Sydney -
    Infancy (3 stores in Sydney's inner west) -

  2. There are some in Pukë I think.


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