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I have a new favourite picture! When I started making Mee a Bee messenger bags for toddlers I had in mind my own family. Mr. Mee a Bee has a couple of bags this style and my little guy was all about being "just like daddy" at the time.

This picture captures the essence of Mee a Bee just perfectly. Independent enough to carry a few of his favourite toys and trinkets but still little enough to catch a ride from Daddy.

It comes from a customer of mine who is also a blogger. She's written a wonderful post on her blog about Mee a Bee, which is so nice of her. AND I just can't stop thinking about the amazing party she threw for her little lad a few days ago. You really have to take a look. HapaLAB is the blog. Take a look at theThe Big 3 party and read all about Mr. Roboto, Mee a Bee bag.

Thank you J!


  1. Jac,

    I should have taken a photo of this. We were going out in the car and Em came out of the house with 3 meeabee bags on! All jammed with toys ofcourse. Her favourite dollies have gone from one to about five.


  2. I wish I'd seen that Sal. I think she needs a new bag though, don't you? Why don't you pick one from the shop and I will make it for her.

    Tyler still has his disgusting bear Oscar who he tries to drag everywhere. I put my foot down when we go out though. He's allowed to come in the car, but must stay in the car. He is not allowed to come when we go on our bike.

  3. Thanks for Mr. Roboto and the sweet nod to our party and glad we met:)


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