First Cousin Once Removed ? who on earth is he to me?

My cousin had a baby. A while ago now, he's coming up for two. I can't seem to work out the relationship between us so I guess I just call him my nephew (which is completely wrong but much easier). We're a pretty close family and my aunts are more like aunts to my kids then great aunts - which implies ancient dottery relics, doesn't it?

Anyway .... my aunt asked me to make a bag for Max as he will start at a little playgroup. He's not totally sold on the idea so we're hoping his own bag might help with the preparation, anticipation and ultimately the transition to more pre-school down the track. As he's not potty-trained there will still be a lot of things to take along so I made this set for him. I'm calling the extra drawstring bag The Overflow Bag.

I have just one extra in my shop at the moment. As a set you'll save $5.00 off the normal price, plus benefit from combined shipping. I will add more styles as I find suitable fabrics.


  1. First cousin once removed. I think! The removed part refers to the generation.

  2. Thanks Jacqui! I googled it and found that explanation but it was in the form of a very complicated tree diagram (you'd get it being a scientist) but I couldn't work it out!!

  3. I have the same problem, I just call my cousins kids cousins too! And my cousin, who lived over here for 2 years and often came to stay is all called cousin Kirsty by Ebi-kun although I'm not sure what she really is to him, it all gets too confusing!
    the bags look great though!

  4. Hi Chinese culture we do not have second cousins! My cousin would still be Kayla's Aunt and her children my nieces and nephews! and My aunts are Kayla's Great Aunts etc...

  5. we're all one big happy family?!


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