Have I become nothing more than a facilitator?

We awoke yesterday to a magical scene - our whole town was blanketed with snow AND it was a holiday! How exciting for the children to have the whole day to play in the snow!

These were my first thoughts:
what are they wearing?
and what are we going to eat?

I immediately started charging about grabbing warm scarves, waterproof trousers and gumboots out of the cupboard. Then I stripped the shivering waifs out of their soaking clothes (with a withering glance at their father who had sent them out into a blizzard completely unprepared).

Next I tackled that huge mountain of wet clothes, mopped up wet puddles off the floor and converted our living room to a drying room to rival the finest ski lodges.

More wet clothes accumulated confirming we were not equipped to deal with that type of weather. We dashed to the sports' shop to grab snow suits.

I spent the remainder of the morning cooking. Hearty soup, steaming fresh-baked bread rolls, tummy-filling salad filled with good stuff and of course sweet, thick hot chocolate.

Mr. Mee a Bee managed to squeeze in a nap then joined in the fun with a huge snowball fight. I watched for a minute then sighed in dismay at the mess everywhere.

Today the snow has almost all gone. The kids are desperately scooping up balls and having a half-hearted fight. I find myself wondering when I became such a mother. Am I no longer capable of letting go and living in the moment? Am I nothing more than a facilitator in my kids' life? Making sure the wheels turn smoothly? Everyone is fed, watered and clothed or all hell breaks loose?

I'm drawn to a quote by Elizabeth Stone:

Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.

taken from the book The Fun book for Moms by Melina Gerosa Bellows


  1. This post really struck me...the facilitator. So much of what you re describing is a reflection I often have...I need to go look for a snowball in California.

  2. Snow in Japan? Wow, though I shouldn't be surprised - my Kiwi friend has just gone skiing there. Love your post and your reflections, very thought provoking. Have a great weekend!

  3. Looks like really good fun, we will have a snowball fight when you come here on holiday.


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