I laughed and cried all through it

I'm so behind the times. My sister will most likely say Jeez Louise!! Tonight I (finally) watched Sex and The City - the movie - the first one. Why had I not watched it before? It was so great. Just the ticket for a relaxing night on the couch.

I've had a couple of weeks from hell with all kinds of stuff going on. I've been staying up waaaaay too late. It finally caught up with me in the shape of a headache which forced me to take a night off. I laughed so loudly and since I was all by myself I cried too - when Big jilted Carrie at the alter, when Charlotte told Carrie she was pregnant and when Carrie got back together with Big. It was completely restorative!

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  1. Watched the whole series with my hubby a few years back....then did the 2 movies with my girlfriends. Just something about that show that's so "ice cream"...you know you shouldn't but heck why not! The dates with youself: solo-laugh-so-hard-and-cry-so-hard nights are the most "cleansing". Hope you get another night soon, maybe with the sequel?


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