It's not all bad! Pick-Me-Ups

It's Friday, phew! The post below shares some of my anguish from the week. I often feel like this by the end of the week. I'm sure all mothers do.

I have four secret pick-me-ups that almost certainly put a smile on my face.

My favourite blogs - my favourite features within them:

Creature Comforts - my daily read, my only daily read. I love, of course, Inspiration Daily. Ez,takes a gorgeous image and dissects it into a colour palette. It's amazing, I can't even see the colours, just the picture. It's a real talent.

Kid Independent - you think those Mad Men have a way with words? They ain't got nothing on Indi. The Oddball Alphabet is pure genius. Take a relatively limited pool of products (they're all handmade) then find just the right adjectives to describe them and make a whole alphabet. WOW! Again, super talented!

KenziePoo - if you only read one thing on Rachelle's blog it should be Room into an Outfit. First of all how does Rachelle find such beautiful rooms and secondly how does she find the perfect little pieces of clothing and accessories? Like February 16th. In the room there is a framed print of a butterfly. In Rachelle's outfit she's added a butterfly shaped backpack. Perfect! more crazy talent.

KLT works - Kristin has a penchant for vintage fabrics. I love vintage things in theory but in practice I don't like them in my home. Kristin's Fabric Friday satisfies my craving for all things vintage and I learn things about fabric that I would never have known. I know from experience that picking over second-hand junk and finding the vintage jewels is indeed a talent (that I do not have).

So these are my solutions to the Friday night blah blahs. Getting me in the mood to enjoy the weekend with my kiddies. Perhaps you have your own? Write them down or bookmark them so you have your own little sanctuary to retreat to when the going gets rough.

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  1. Ah, thanks Jacqui! You are so sweet! Thanks so much for including me in this post and your kind words about "Turn This Room Into an Outfit." I think the same about your creativity with your amazing bags!! xo


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