Junior Date Night

Today has been an awesome day. The boys left early for the city: optometrist and hair appointments. THEN Noodle caught the train back home by himself! (for the first time). Mr. Mee a Bee and I spoke on the phone and texted several times, we both felt quite nervous. Of course we needn't have been. Noodle handled it with cool calm. Mr. put him right on the train so all Noodle needed to do was get off at the correct stop. I'd given him a long list of all our contact numbers and a phone card just in case. I said I would wait at the ticket wickets but I couldn't handle it so I bought a platform pass and went up. He was absolutely fine and it was fun!

Noodle had another appointment this afternoon but we had time for a coffee break. We popped into a little bakery near where he needed to be. That was lovely.

Later I picked him up and since it was just the two of us we decided to go out for dinner. We talked about buying and eating in, maybe watching a movie. In the end we headed to the mall and went to a smorgasbord restaurant, a bit like Sizzler. We both ate a bit too much, as you do.

On our way back to the car Noodle suggested that I might like to stop in at the material shop (isn't he sweet?). He checked out something in the game arcade. He asked me if I had bought anything and congratulated me on NOT buying a thing - we're on a budget right now.

How lovely it was to spend some time with my first born. Just chat and enjoy each other's company without the stress of his chatterbox brother and schedule-driven father. A perfect night.

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  1. What a lovely story. Yes it's so nice to have time alone with one of your children. I always find it brings out absolutely the best in them...


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