Noodle's thoughts about girls

Noodle is nine. For quite a few years now girls have been smelly, gross, too chatty, so annoying and so boring. He has just one friend who is a girl but be careful not to call her his girlfriend. 

This afternoon we helped Noodle with a massive colouring-in project for school. He was assigned the task of writing and illustrating a story which he will read aloud at the class performance next week. Noodle, being the creative kid that he is, has written a very detailed story with SEVEN LARGE accompanying pictures. (His friend has written two and a half ...).

The topic of girls was brought about by Noodle when he commented "it's funny how the girl in my story is just kind of in the background in all of the pictures except this one". Without looking I knew something bad would be happening to her in that one. "Yes", Noodle smirked, "In this one she's being eaten by the lion". He laughed and said it was hard for him not to draw her smiling.

I came across this website called Spaceships and Laserbeams, Parties with Boyish Charm. It's fantastic!! thanks Li'l Magoolie for the link. Check out the "Girls have Cooties" cupcake wrappers for Valentine's Day.

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