One Hour Bag: My new Beach bag

Last night I was sitting at my desk thinking about what I'd do. I had three sewing orders for Mee a Bee to start as well as a thousand other "work-related" things to do. What did I do? I made a bag for myself! I started at 11.30pm and finished it just after 12.30. Perfect. Don't you love the satisfaction of completing something all in one go?

I stumbled across this fabric last week when I sneaked to the material shop on my way home from the gym. The mall is open until 10pm every night so I can sometimes summon the energy to drive down there after aerobics on a Tuesday. It's always deserted at that hour so I can really have a good look around (without my impatient side-kick).

I've made a simple tote bag. I chose to use a whole half width of the material. I made it shallow and wide with a good flat base. It's perfect for a rolled up beach towel.

The fabric is new from Kokka, designed by Yoshie and is called MiriPorun. It's lovely cotton and linen blend. I've lined it with linen cotton polka dot fabric in a hot pink - one of my favourite colours.

You can find this fabric around and about on the net. Coincidentally I found a write-up about it on the True-Up blog last night.

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  1. I love that, Jacqui! I'm glad you made something for yourself!


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