Reading for Little Guy - still trying valiantly

The day starts with a book. Little Guy's current favourite has been propped up in the recipe stand open to the page of ingredients for Gingerbread Men.

I ask Little Guy to "write a list" so we can go to the supermarket to get what he needs. He draws the pictures and I write the words.
He won't take off his funny PJ pants but we go to the supermarket anyway. They have cute kid-sized trolleys. He gets milk, flour, ginger and a packet of M&M type chocolates for the eyes.

This supermarket is really kid-friendly. Little Guy has his own card to collect stamps on. Once he has ten stamps (from ten visits) he'll get a little present.

The lady on the checkout gives Little Guy the receipt and helps him load up his shopping in his eco-tote bag. She's incredibly kind and patient.

My kids both share a love of advertising posters, restaurants and cafes, welcomes and sign-up sheets. This particular poster welcomes people to The Gingerbread Man Restaurant.

When Noodle gets home from school he walks in the front door, spots the poster and immediately signs up as though it's a completely normal thing to do. Little Guy is hiding and jumps out shouting "Gingerbread Man!!" like you would if it were a surprise party.

All in all a fun day and hopefully some of it will stick in Little Guy's mind.


  1. looks like a great day, I miss days like these!
    Ebi-kun got some ninja bread cy¥utters for Christmas, we really need to have some baking time so we can try them out.

    lol - the word verification is winge

  2. This is a very good story Jac, it wont be long before Little Guy can read and write then he will be able to make the Gingerbread men himself.

  3. Sounds like LG has mastered how to use a shopping cart. Go LG! Go you for making reading delicious fun!


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