Stay at home mums - what do you do all day?

You're a stay-at-home mum.
What do you do all day?

Well apart from the obvious (search the internet and read blogs) I spend a lot of time in the kitchen. I love to eat and I love to cook. I especially love to bake.

My criteria for recipes is that they are simple enough to scan read; that the ingredients are easy to get hold of (in Japan we can't get even the most basic of things); that the preparation uses minimal equipment since I hate to do dishes; and I guess I like things that come together quickly.

Some mothers might like to get out of the house each day and the supermarket may be a welcome diversion. Me, I'd rather poke out my eyes with sticks than go food shopping. So, I cook. From scratch. I buy ingredients, rather than (prepared) food.

Little Guy detests being alone. He cannot stand it. I've been told it's because of his star sign (Leo). Understanding this helps me to cope with his constant need for attention, companionship and appreciation.

Luckily I can work in my kitchen and still be near him whether he is playing in the living room or playing outside.

Noodle doesn't mind being alone. His quirk, which I cannot say where it comes from (perhaps his father) is that he doesn't have much of an appetite. He'll eat, for sure, at mealtimes or if something is presented to him but he rarely asks for food. I feel he's on the thin side and this year he's incredibly busy with after-school activities. So I've made it my life's purpose to prepare nutritious and/or filling snacks for him.

Today: homemade sausage rolls! (made with pork mince and frozen puff pastry).
Yesterday: fresh-baked apricot and chocolate chip cookies.

Noodle is due home in 2 minutes. I cannot wait to hear what he thinks of my sausage rolls since they're his all-time favourite!!


  1. Hello! What a treat when the boys come into the house, they smell "welcoming home!" Have a good rest of the day!

  2. You are indeed an excellent mum Jacqui! Master T is also a little on the thin side with not much interest in food. I must try harder. Thanks for the inspiration!
    Looks yummy!

  3. Those look so goooood...

    Can't wait to go to your house again;)

  4. Thanks!

    Here's the verdict - our babysitter's sausage rolls are better!!!!! made with weiner / cocktail sausages and hotcake mix. I like them too but these are good old kiwi/aussie fare. C'mon!

    Two hours later - those BISCUITS are the best thing ever! - he suddenly came up with that line in the middle of dinner. We'd eaten them all but then I stumbled upon three spare frozen ones that hadn't fit on the baking tray. Tomorrow's sorted!


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