Visitors in the Night

After a long absence we've had a visit from the Tooth Fairy again! Noodle has started losing molars. He has had a very wiggly one for a couple of weeks but last night all of a sudden the one next to it popped out. 

He rummaged around and found his tooth pocket pal to leave for the Tooth Fairy. I still remember making this about four years ago when he lost his first tooth. This note was still inside:

Welcome to the Tooth Club.

Take this tooth and throw it onto the roof of your house.
Then your new tooth will grow up nice and strong.
Remember to brush your teeth everyday and keep smiling.

From the Tooth Fairy

I'd read somewhere that this is what is done in Japan. Like most cultural traditions some people have heard of this and some have not. Anyway I like to think that both culture's traditions are observed as the Tooth Fairy also leaves some money.

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  1. I thought it was over the house if it is a bottom tooth so that it grows up straight and under the house ? if it was a top tooth, I suppose under would have been easier in the olden days. No idea what you do if you live in an apartment lol


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