Final Days: Little Guy and Chatty Cafe

This morning Little Guy bade farewell to his favourite class from Chatty Cafe. For most of the three years that I have been running the classes Little Guy has either been asleep (right at the start) or out with our babysitter. For the past few months he's been home a lot more during the cafes. He's done really well behaving nicely and I'm thankful that my ladies are so nice that they didn't seem to mind.

From next month though Little Guy will be at kindergarten while I chat and sip lattes. So today, we threw a little party for the ladies to thank them and say goodbye.

It was very simple, cupcakes, a few decorations, and a colouring activity.

Our cupcakes were made using Donna Hay's amazing recipe and baked in cupcake liners from Twiggi. Our fantastic decorations and cupcake toppers are from my friend Joy, who runs a fabulous website and has an Etsy Shop: The Art of Joy.

See more pictures from our little party here on Flickr.
(If I were a party stylist I'd have noticed the seams were showing on the cupcake liners ...)


  1. How cute! Haha, I would have put all the liner seams facing outward by accident so you're doing better than me. :)

  2. Good to hear Little Guy was so good, hope he enjoys Kindy, Hi to the Ladies.

  3. Hope you and your family are ok after the terrible earthquake and tsunami today.

  4. Please update when you can to let us know if you are all safe. Take care

  5. thanks!! we're OK, no news to report, thank goodness.

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  7. So glad that you are all safe!

    Thanks for sharing these pictures! Glad that you liked the printables!


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