Hey Crafty People in Japan: Card Stock

If you're like me then you LOVE finding {free}downloads/templates/crafty stuff to print out. The big problem for me has always been what to print them on. For years I had a packet of card stock which had come from the USA. I've never been able to find it again.

Until ... I found this packet of card at the local office supply shop the other day.


Color Copy Paper Color (matte double-sided printing)

A4 size

It's a large packet, not too expensive considering you get a hundred pieces of very nice card. (About 1000 yen). It's not super thick but I've found it great for menus for Chatty Cafe, fun things from here, here and here.

I have an old ink-jet printer, a Brother, that I got at Costco, nothing flash. It's fine for this type of project and works well on this paper .

I found it online at Rakuten. You can view it in Japanese or English.
or search Google for Kokuyo LBP-F1310


  1. you're gonna hate me - I get mine at the ¥100 shop, for A4 there are 15 sheets in a pack, I use it for Ebi-kuns Montessori cards and anything else that needs to be thicker than normal paper, they have bigger sizes too.

  2. I don't hate you Jo ;) I got mine at a discount - almost the same price as yours (850 yen). Plus less packaging :)

    I seldom go to the 100 yen shop these days. I am always looking for something, can't find it and come home with a whole heap of junk. I dare not take Tyler there as he always finds the giant noisy machine gun and we get kicked out.

    The love of my life these days is Askul, the online office supplier. I got the new catalogue in the mail two days ago and flipped through all 500 pages in one sitting.

  3. I'm also a fan of the 100yen shop (too many things are kawaii and yasui!)but next time I run to the bunboguya, I'll check this brand out. Thanks for sharing. =)


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