In the midst of it all: a front page appearance

I wish it had happened under better circumstances but a Mee a Bee item was featured on the 'front' homepage of earlier today (or yesterday).

The treasury was dedicated to Japan. Thank you Jen of Sewn Natural for the feature and the wonderful sentiment behind it.

My lovely blogger friend Novita, Very Purple Person, was also featured. I have just seen her on Twitter so I'm relieved to know she's OK as well (she's in Tokyo).


  1. Congrats on being featured!
    Glad that you are safe and unharmed.
    Its terribly sad for those who were though, my heart goes out to them.

  2. Hi, just wanting to say how sad and concerned we are at the news from Japan.
    If you know of someone organising a collection of handmade items (toys, clothing, quilts) I would love to know. It would be lovely to be able to give something to someone who has lost so much.
    All the best from an australian reader.

  3. Hi Jacqui, found you via jojoebi as I too will be setting up a raffle or auction. Also wanted to let you know about what I've been doing for families in Christchurch - perhaps you can help, or help spread the word:


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