Keep Calm and Carry On

I got mine from BluLima
This poster couldn't be more perfect for the current situation here in Japan. I have it hanging in my kitchen where it helps me on a daily basis to deal with the frustrations of "what to make for dinner", "oh dear, I've burnt the dinner while reading Facebook", "my fussy kids don't like their dinner", and "thanks kids for dropping crumbs all over the floor when I just vacuumed".

Right now though of course we're dealing with a different stress: a nuclear disaster. To reassure you we are almost 600km away from Fukushima in Izumisano. Check it out on Google Maps, just look up Kansai Airport - we're miles away.

We are trying to keep calm and carry on. I'll admit I haven't been feeling calm. I spent Monday and Tuesday shopping for and packing my emergency kit. I switched the TV or computer on at every opportunity to watch the news. I was in a state of despair.

But I'm pretty sure we have nothing to worry about down here, really.

Yesterday things started to perk up when I got a call from a friend who had another friend in need of a place to stay. Her family is located closer the the disaster zone and she has small children. She's decided to leave the country for a while. I felt filled with purpose and set about cleaning my home, airing blankets and cooking up soup. It felt so great to be doing something to help.

Today I have felt so much better. I'm still in a cleaning frenzy and I feel a strong desire to bake. Just like in war times when women baked biscuits to send to the troops and practiced frugality in the home. I've needed comfort food a lot this week (not my usual chocolate!). Tonight I baked an Apple Crumble for the family. A real taste of home.

My effort to help the earthquake relief fund continues, see below. I'm thrilled and so grateful that so many donations have been made. I still have lots of tickets left though!

Thanks again for all of the calls and emails. I'm so touched that people haven shown such concern.

PS If I were to have to leave the country I'd need all of you to buy a bag or two so I could pay for the airfares.


  1. Keep you chin up, as we say in the UK. We are thinking of you all, I keep checking the news for updates on the situation.

    Love and Best wishes, Sue and India xx

  2. thank you for taking time to write...
    I have felt the same frenzy, despite no obvious danger here in Germany, but for me....the world is n't the same anymore.
    Please stay safe and I hope beautiful Japan to recover very soon <3


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