Sobering Messages

This morning Mr. and I were watching the television news. Noodle commented on the lack of 'regular' advertising messages. Right now the only commercials shown are by The Advertising Council of Japan (AC). One of the purposes of AC is to present messages on social issues and improve public morale.

The current message is a gentle reminder to keep up communications with children. It's easy to get caught up in the news and become preoccupied with the relief efforts or fixated on the nuclear disaster. The message is to not forget our children. I like it a lot. We have switched off the television and Mr. has taken Little Guy to the park.

from the Advertising Council of Japan (AC)

You can watch one of the ads here with English subtitles.

If you've been watching the news of the Japan earthquake then you'll have seen the desperate images of destruction. This morning on Japanese television I saw, for the first time, reportage of the relief effort - huge trucks bringing in supplies, helicopters dropping off water and blankets, fuel tankers and trains replenishing gas supplies, and construction is already underway of temporary housing. This was all very positive news.


  1. That's good. We have heard some worrying news about the refuge centres where people get half a rice ball and a cup of soup a day. I hope all the homeless people have enough food, water and blankets now.


  2. It's good to hear some positive news, isn't it, especially when so much media attention is focused on the nuclear diasaster.

    I've always liked those AC commercials, but didn't know what AC actually was until now!


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