Still here

This week in bite-sized chunks:

Tuesday - welcomed JoJo and Ebi-kun into our home before they returned to earthquake shaken Tokyo area. The boys enjoyed whipping up some instant pud (and other things).

Wednesday - last Chatty Cafe of the term. Phew. I can lay off the cakes for a couple of weeks.

Thursday - Noodle finished school for the year. Sayonara third grade!

Friday - we're almost there!

Short Points

Baking: the Chocolate Brownies were divine. Do you have a favourite foolproof recipe?

Sewing: I'm working with a gorgeous buttery yellow fabric that has me swooning each time I look at it.

Eating: Vanilla Custard Yogurt with crushed butter cookies sprinkled on top. Yum!

Exercising: YES! I did go to aquarobics but I skipped swimming since we had visitors.

Wearing: three layers of wool. It's freezing, extremely windy and raining today.

Reading: a very technical marketing textbook, zzzzzzzzzzzz

Watching: on TV tonight, An Officer and a Gentleman, for the FIRST TIME EVER!


  1. Good to hear you are fine! Oh, I love that movie I might have to go find it to watch it again. Take care and hope things settle soon for those parts so affected :o/

  2. I can't believe you'd never seen An Officer And A Gentleman! It's one of my favourites. Hope you enjoyed it!

  3. I know! hard to believe, even Mr. Mee a Bee had seen it three or four times. I had seen the closing scene and of course knew the basic story.
    I liked it. I mean, Richard Gere? oh yeah.

  4. Glad you are all in good spirits, small looks like a monkey with that face.


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