Summering in Europe? I wish!

The month of May is the best time to travel to Europe. The spring weather can be quite warm, everything is so green and lush and the hoards of tourists have not yet arrived. I was there, oh a million years ago, backpacking. FUN!
Girls love London too
One little Mee a Bee fan wrote to me (via her mum) to tell me she's jetting off to England in late May so could I please make her a little satchel to take? Her mum chose the London Buckingham Palace bag (of course). I gave it some feminine touches - a softer delicate linen bag, gorgeous modern stripe lining and a soft grey strap.
Now I just have one question. Would I be able to squeeze into your suitcase?

London Toddler/ Preschooler Messenger Bag: girls , boys


  1. Oh we must have crossed paths Jacqui! I was there backpacking a million years ago too! Really love the colours on this bag. Vey simple and stylish. That is one lucky little girl! At least we have the memories (*o*)/ xo

  2. It would have been great to bump into you for real Claire! Maybe when we are old Golden Girls we'll treat ourselves with a luxury trip to Europe!

  3. Jacqui - you're welcome to come with us! Thank you so much - LOVE the bag, but then I LOVE all of your stuff. People have been raving about her ladybug bag! :D

    So so cute!


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