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Spring Toddler Tote (Tiny)
Good morning on this rainy spring day. Yesterday was the first official day of Spring and we celebrated with gale force winds and thunderstorms overnight. Not very spring-like at all.

The past week has been stressful for me as I have dealt with the heart-wrenching news following the earthquake and fears about the nuclear plant in Fukushima. We are well away from the area so we're quite safe but of course we are concerned for the Northern part of the country.

The Tokyo area has been hard-hit since the nuclear plant provides their electricity. They are experiencing routine and random blackouts and are having to manage without power. Some areas have also had no water. Many trains are not running following the earthquake. I had visitors staying both last week and this week from the affected area. Friends who have small children, even newborn babies, are finding the conditions very challenging. I'm happy to help.

However I cannot do everything. I spent the weekend dealing with a migraine.

I've made the decision to close Mee a Bee on Etsy for a couple of weeks so I can get caught up. The shop will be closing on Monday, March 28th for a period of one to two weeks. Orders may still be placed through Mee a Bee.com and by special arrangement. I will be answering all correspondence, hopefully blogging more regularly and maintaining my Facebook page.

For the remainder of the month I will be enjoying Spring Break with the kids and getting Little Guy ready for kindergarten. It's so exciting (but a little anguishing). He will start in just over three weeks. Chatty Cafe is tomorrow, our last for the month. Our guests for the week arrive in a couple of hours. I have a lot to do.


  1. I just posted a raffle to help Japan.
    Here is my link.you are more than welcome to participate.



  2. thinking of you and your friends jacqui...sounds wise to close up etsy shop and down size committments for awhile until things settle. glad you are taking care of your self as well as others. much love from your home town


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