Another week over

The week that was...

Another week has flown by. Today I have two very tired (= rather grumpy) boys on my hands. They're tired from a great week at school and kindy so that's good.

For mum it's been pretty hectic as well. I've been wading through the notices from school each day. Trying to glean the necessary information with my limited reading ability. Noodle's notices are very dry and humorless. I haven't got a hope in hell of understanding so they're filed in Mr. Mee a Bee's drawer.

Little Guy's notices are covered with wonderful little illustrations, such as those above, that hint to the topic of the notice. It's easy to guess what's required when there's a picture of a little bear carrying a drink bottle or a bento box filled with cheerful smiling sausages and rice balls, or another animal kitted out in sport's wear.

It's field trip season. You come to realize that everything has a time and season here in Japan. These unwritten rules are adhered to quite strictly. I would bet my life that most of the schools across the nation have been on their "Spring Excursion" this week or next at the latest. Outside the schools that I have passed in the morning have been huge buses waiting to haul their charges to the zoo, park or wherever. Noodle's class went to a park, the mausoleum and a bicycle museum today.

Little Guy's kindergarten is easing into the year. Today was his first full day which meant he ate lunch there. On Fridays lunch is provided and it will be some kind of bread or bakery item. Fresh fruit and a cup full of milk makes it nice and healthy. Mondays will be "rice" days and on Tuesdays and Thursdays I will be making a boxed bento lunch for him. I guarantee mine will be nothing like this school bus bento box.

Yesterday we had a visit from Little Guy's teacher. Even after five years in the school system I am still not sure why the teacher needs to visit our home. I've been given a number of ideas but the most reasonable seems to be related to the complex address system here. There are no street names. Houses do have numbers but it's not written on the house. Each neighborhood is divided into a grid and each house is assigned a number within the grid. Numbers are not assigned in numerical order. If there were an accident or some trouble at the kindergarten then Little Guy's teacher could feasibly have to come to our home so she visits once at the beginning of the year "just in case" she ever needs to get here.

Anyway, I was worried about chatting to the teacher in Japanese but luckily our teacher is super-friendly and very calm so the ten minute visit went off without a hitch. I think Noodle's teacher is coming over next week so I will keep you posted about that.

I dodged a bullet last week at the mother's meeting when the PTA leader was chosen. Our kindergarten has a great number of family events which of course require a lot of planning. The PTA mums carry the burden here. It's well-known that being a yakuin (PTA leader) is something to avoid at all costs. How lucky our group was that we had an enthusiastic volunteer! Her daughter is just three years old so all going well she will be able to be our leader for the next two years at least, therefore letting me off the hook!

Little Guy has made three friends and is happy as Larry each day when I take him and pick him up. He imparts only a few bits of what's done in the day but I take it they sing a lot as he has been singing to himself most afternoons.

One last note, Easter. It's not Easter here. So sad, it has not been adopted yet (we're ever hopeful they will realize it's all about chocolate). Thanks to my lovely friend Claire, I have a few eggs stashed away for the bunny on Sunday.

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