Easter celebration?

Easter is another of those 'holidays' that is not celebrated here in Japan. Much like Christmas there's a lot of build-up and anticipation. Unfortunately this kind of pressure often ends in disaster. I tried my best to make Easter memorable for the kids. Tempers flared when my Little Guy refused to sit nicely and screwed up his nose at the food I'd made. We managed to salvage the day and the kids were happy which is most important.

I'm left wondering if it is really worth going to all this trouble to instill bi-cultural values in my kids. Should I save myself the stress and resign myself to the fact that they are Japanese?

Take a look at Easter:

First, it's not even known about by most people. Therefore it is virtually impossible to find any Easter-related stuff at the shops. I usually order online from overseas or buy at inflated prices from the import shops.
Second, it's not a holiday. Just a normal weekend.
Third, we have no family to get together with or even discuss our plans with, since we have none. I'm feeling very disillusioned over the whole thing.

For the record, we were invited to an egg-hunt family party in the park by some of our international friends. But, of course, Mr. Mee a Bee, not caring too much about Easter, had made other plans. So I'm here doing housework and sewing by myself on this fine Easter Sunday.

Our printables were from Happy Papers - a well-spent $5 from a couple of years ago.


  1. Our thoughts are with you Jac, I have had a lovely day with the family at Orewa VW day, as we walked along the beach I recounted our walk there when you said to Biggy "theres your breafast", he said "no thats too much much" Happy Easter.

  2. thanks Dad! I'm glad you had a good time. we should try and go up that way again.

  3. Awww, that's so sad! You should've come all on your own to our Easter Party! Next year we will get you over!! The Easter Egg hunt and lots of candy is very enticing for our kids of all ages!

  4. Oh, I hear you Jacqui! Mr i slept in this morning so I didnt even bother with easter. I bought the kids books not eggs to put in there little meeabee drawstring bags which were a perfect size! we did at least have an easter picnic in the park with my family and relatives! when I came back here I took the kids to a japanese playgroup and always look out for japanese festivals but it is not easy. i think just keep trying when you can. your kids will always have your new zealand influence. i guess when we marry someone from a completely different culture we do gain so much but maybe sometimes have to give up a little as well. Happy Easter my friend. I have a little packet of eggs in my pantry I am about to open. celebrating with you! xo


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