Gift Idea for Mother's Day

Are you thinking about Mother's Day? We are here. I'm trying to encourage my husband to think outside the box when it comes to his mother this year. Every year, at the last minute, he rings the florist and  wastes  spends over $100 on a potted hydrangea. Boring. His older brother displays the same originality and orders their mother a .... potted hydrangea. Boring. Honestly she has potted hydrangeas coming out her ears. At least we can say The Potted Hydrangea Association (if there is such a thing) is doing a great job marketing their product for Mother's Day.

I stumbled upon this great gift idea from Global Giving. You can choose an online e-card, a print-at-home card or a biodegradeable gift card. You decide how much you want to give. Send it to mum who then visits the Global Giving website to 'redeem the card'. She gets to choose which project to support with your donation. Everyone gets to feel good!

It costs you as little as $10 and you can use PayPal, credit card etc. The Gift Card is valid for one year. If it expires the money is used at Global Giving's discretion to support ongoing projects.

There a tons of cute cards to choose from for all occasions, not just Mother's Day. I like this idea a lot.


  1. This is a great idea! Thanks for sharing it.

  2. My aunty loved it. I was so happy she donated her 'gift' to the Japan EQ appeal.

  3. this is a fab idea! my DH already ordered the same old cake he orders every year - BORING!

  4. I just heard from my other aunty, she was happy to give hers to the Japan appeal too. It IS a cool idea.


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