The Giving Tree Guy

Yesterday Noodle helped me with the mammoth effort of moving his three 6 foot high book shelves to two different corners of his bedroom. Little Guy moved in to Noodle's room a couple of months ago which meant space was quite tight. I am happy to say that sharing works really well for them so we're rearranging to make the situation permanent.

Noodle almost jumped out of his skin when he came across this book face down on the floor. The Giving Tree. He then confessed that the picture of the author on the back cover has always scared him. Noodle has been reading Diary of Wimpy Kid. Apparently that kid was so scared of Shel Silverstein that he was threatened with bumping into him should he get out of bed at night.

Noodle's idea of fun is to sneak up on us this morning looking like this. BOYS!


  1. Was that his April fool's joke on you guys today? I'd have JUMPED too! The kids and I LOVE the Giving Tree, Jordan will read it every night if I let him, which I usually do, but yes, that picture does spook me a bit too. LOL!


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