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Exactly two years ago I posted this picture with the news that Noodle had started karate. I feel really sad to now announce that he has quit. He made the decision about six weeks ago at a particularly stressful time. He was extremely busy with his tutoring classes and his school teacher was hurriedly squeezing in a lot of homework before the year ended. Noodle felt like he didn't have any free time. I encouraged him to give it some serious thought but in the end he made the decision to leave karate.

For now, Noodle is not participating in any organised sport or hobby. He's nine years old. I cannot help thinking he should be doing something. But he does have an intense tutoring schedule and the school hours are long now that he's in the 4th grade. (8am to 4pm three days a week, the other days he's home about 3.15pm). He really doesn't seem to have any time just to muck about.

I look back to my own carefree childhood. I know I was a Brownie from about the age of eight. I followed that through to Girl Guides which I enjoyed until I was about fourteen. In my primary school days I do recall playing netball in the school team for a little while as well as softball on occasion. I was in the choir one year. I don't remember ever attending any practices outside of school hours. Did I mum? School finished at about 3 o clock and we rarely had homework - perhaps a book to read aloud or a list of spelling words. We spent every waking minute playing in our garden or on the road with our neighbours. We had nothing but time.

I'm still hoping that Noodle will go back to karate, perhaps he just needs a break. Certainly he was overjoyed yesterday to pass the test entitling him to a new belt. He was both sad and happy to be finishing. We both love the sensei so we shall see.

Just so you know, he started as a white belt, then got a blue one, an orange one and I think the new one would be yellow. I have no idea what kind of karate it is.

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