Spring Break continues

We've had an awesome weekend with friends staying. Warm weather and sunshine made it possible to hit our favourite mountain area for a 'hike'. Noodle took this photo of one of the waterfalls. The water was so clear and gorgeous although most likely icy cold.

Mt. Inunaki in Izumisano has got to be one of the prefecture's hidden treasures. From the wonderfully welcoming car park attendant to the rickety old shop and various run-down 'cafes' dotting the first part of the route, it's so quaint. Once you reach the trail it's easy to feel you've slipped into another world as it's so peaceful in comparison to the rest of the bustling world.

We give all our guests the royal tour of this spot and most agree it's tops! (apart from one person who was rather attractive to the horseflies last summer).

Another little getaway spot for our family is the Rinku Park 'beach'. The beach is man-made inlet surrounded by these great boulders which act as a breaker from the sea. It didn't take the kids long to notice people fishing from these rocks. And none of them were too shy to wander over and ingratiate themselves with the friendly fishermen. Those wonderful men loaned them make-shift fishing lines which resulted in three hours of fishing fun and a grand total of fifty four little fish being caught (and released). Little Guy did not catch any according to the other three, a claim he vehemently denies.

Our cherry blossom tree stayed in bloom long enough to treat our guests to a lovely hanami picnic lunch on Saturday. Then that evening we were able to entice Mr. Mee a Bee home early from work with the promise of a BBQ. Our first of the season.

As lovely as our weekend was, the people of Tohoku are never far from our minds. The situation is still very desperate. I'm staying up-to-date in part via the Asahi Shimbun newspaper.


  1. Looks like a lovely spot, would love to go there on my next trip.

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