This week's short points

I rather enjoyed reading back over the short points from the other day. I've been really busy but not with anything hugely interesting so short points it is!

Listening to: clicked on this site, Madewell and noticed a little link to new favourite songs. Some are pretty cool.

Watching: I confess to being  new addict of Mad Men. It only started on TV here in Japan a few weeks ago so excuse me for being so late to the table. Now I see why it's won so many awards. I do hope kids are not watching it though - the cigarettes, shocking.

Movies: I have squeezed in a couple lately. Tonight for instance on TV I stumbled upon a kind of weird but so hysterical British one called Cashback. If you have ever worked in a supermarket then you will love it. Or been through a break-up of the late-teens/early twenties variety.

Eating: not as much as usual. It seems a lot of our food comes from the north so some vegetables have not arrived. Bottled water, Heat and Eat rice and canned Tuna are out of stock as well as my beloved chocolate wheaten biscuits. I am not complaining, of course, we have so much really.

Decorating: for Easter. It's in late April this year which is great. I have not been caught off-guard. I have bought a few Easter eggs. Last year I had to pay an arm and a leg to have them air-freighted from overseas. Little Guy loves decorating so we are bedecked with little bunnies, chicks and egg cut-outs.

Shopping: the spending never stops even if I am trying to save. The boys have new sneakers and various stationery items. Mr. Mee a Bee has new spring shirts. I needed new jeans for my huge chocolate-loving rear-end.

Reading: it's catalogue season - two of my favourites came out this month. OH JOY!

I'm also reading some of Noodle's books, the classics like The Secret Garden and The Narnia Chronicles.
I just stumbled upon this site: Books 4 Boys. I will re-visit that later.

I really want to buy some of these Penguin Classics with these gorgeous gorgeous covers. But I don't really enjoy the classics as a rule. Shocking but true, I have read very few and not even seen the films.

OK, the short list was not so short! Hope you've had a good week.

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