Week Two of Kindergarten

the class has open shelving 'locker' for each child
We've quickly fallen into a nice morning routine. Little Guy has been keen to go to kindergarten almost everyday.  His only hesitation has been over the fact that he does not like to get dressed.

I'll confess that we are both inclined to mooch around in our pjs until it's time to go somewhere or do something. Of course now we run on a schedule that has us leaving home much earlier than we have ever needed to before.

The pajama police have needed to step in once or twice.

In this picture you can see just how short those shorts really are! His teacher is in her formal wear for the opening ceremony. Normally she's dressed in her uniform - long tan shorts and a pink sweatshirt. Yes, even teachers have uniforms at kindergarten! Little Guy loves her hair and gives me detailed explanations of the style of the day. He's learning the lingo - pig tails, pony tails, hairclips, headband ...

Thanks everyone for your messages of congratulations and encouragement.


  1. OMG. I'm dying over the uniform! Its really adorable! (A bit chilly though, no?)
    Good luck!

  2. Love his uniform... doesn't it make your heart melt?!

  3. LOL. Those are some short shorts. I ordered That Boy a size 140 (he was roughly 100 at the time) so they hang down really far, but with what those things cost I don't want to buy more. Glad he is adjusting well and likes his teacher, or her hair at least. :)


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