The busiest day ever

At the ungodly hour of 6.45am our phone rang. I missed that call so spent the next fifteen minutes agonising over what tragedy had befallen one of my family members (who had rung?). At 7.05 the phone rang again and it was only one of our neighbours looking for Mr. Mee a Bee. Really, who calls before 7 am??? But actually he had already missed him by half an hour.

The day had started with Mr. Mee a Bee waking me up to inform me that Noodle was sick and was going to stay home. He had a fever and a terrible sore throat. We were at the doctor by 9 o'clock with throngs of others who had fallen ill while the country celebrated three days of public holidays for Golden Week. I could feel the germs buzzing around me and couldn't get out of the stuffy waiting room fast enough.

Little Guy tried his damnedest to have a day off from kindergarten. In the end I took his temperature just to convince him that he was as healthy as a horse. I did have to put my foot down a little bit to get him there on time. He's still getting used to the whole malarkey of daily commitments.

In addition to pick-up and drop-off  at kindy I also had to make a separate trip over there to collect Little Guy's summer uniform. Three trips in one day was surely bad for the environment and hard on my gas-tank. Plus Noodle felt sick on the way home and threw up. (Luckily he knew it was coming so I pulled over and scrambled for a plastic bag).

One trip to the post office. One load of washing out. Next, housework - today of all days is the day when Noodle's new teacher comes to visit. He was ever-so impressed by our spacious and tidy house. I think we talked more about the house than any problems Noodle's having at school (none by the way).

No sooner had Mr. Teacher left than my grocery delivery guy arrived. He left then shortly after he returned with a forgotten bag of bread. I was holding my mobile when I went out to grab the bag of stuff. The delivery guy looked so panic-stricken, had I already phoned in to complain? No, I laughed, I haven't even noticed I was missing anything!

Top off this busy day with a small accident. Somehow, I am not even sure how, the pantry door slid closed on my nose!! Ouch!! It is not broken or anything but it is rather sore to touch and bright red like Rudolph.

It's after 7.30pm and I can hear Mr. Mee a Bee driving up the driveway. It's been a fun-filled thirteen hour day! Thank goodness it's the weekend again.


  1. Whenever our doorbell or phone rings before 8am, I *know* that it'll be H's dad... and therefore often ignore it ;-)

  2. Oh Jacqui, I feel exhausted reading it and yet I relate (my day ended yesterday at the dinner table with master T announcing "wee wee" which I assessed was past tense when I saw the puddle on the floor! loved the extra washing of the clothes,floor and cushions that followed!) hope noodle is feeling better soon and you get a break tomorrow. I can imagine how someone in Japan would be impressed by a tidy spacious house! I have been to some where seriously you couldnt even find the floor to walk!
    Aah it is a wonder we get any work done at all! Gambarimashou! xo

  3. Sounds like one of my days! Sometimes it is just exhausting. I laughed out loud when I read about the pantry door incident - sorry Jacqui - it also just sounds so much like something that would happen to me, and JP would come home and look at me and just raise his eyebrows!! Hope you have a less frantic day today - and that Noodle is feeling better xxx


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