A confession: a fashion crush

I have a little fashion crush on one of the mums at kindergarten. That's weird isn't it? Somehow she just looks great everyday with just a few really basic pieces so I'm trying to glean her style tips from afar.

She seems to stick to a limited colour palette. Neutrals: navy blue, black, white and khaki green.

Her navy blue top had tiny French dots on it and was more of a peasant style, sheer fabric. Her shorts had cuffs and were balloon-style. She has the figure for them obviously though she's not super thin and is quite tall (for a Japanese woman).

She wears ballet flats or Birkenstocks most days.

I'm so envious of how wonderfully coordinated she manages to look even at 8.30 in the morning as she drops her child off to kindergarten.

These picks are from Old Navy and Tights Please.


  1. Oh those are cute pieces! I too have fashion crushes and am attempting to up my game so I'm not in sweats all the time! :) ~Melissa

  2. Yes me too Melissa! For me it's yoga pants - I live in them with a cropped pair for summer and a long pair for winter. I have worn them to kindy pick up once ... but they're not the most flattering thing I own!

  3. Super cute! I was going to suggest Old Navy. There are so many things that can be mixed and matched, paired with leggings, etc. I stuck to those same colors during the winter and it was so easy to put together cute outfits! It's amazing how many things you can put together without spending a ton of money, especially with places like Old Navy, Target, etc.

  4. I made a decision about a year ago to only buy red, white and blue, in all shades and it has transformed my wardrobe. I like most of the outfits I can create now, and only wear stuff I really like. It is that kind of preppy boaty kind of look, never goes out of fashion. Good luck!

  5. I love the sound of your look Amber!!


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