Dedicated Mum Update

When I do stuff with the kids that I consider a bit above and beyond I like to think of myself as the Dedicated Mum (rather than the lazy, disinterested, preoccupied mum).

Today the dedicated mum surprised the kids with an after-school trip to the beach. Noodle was skeptical, "on a school day? in the middle of the week??"
They were allowed an ice cream even though I had to break a $10 (1000 yen) bill to get them.

Then I pulled out the kite!!

Little Guy got this kite a few months ago from my mum. It came with a load of stuff in a large box and was kind of put away without really being looked at. It hadn't escaped Little Guy's attention though. Yesterday, with zero wind, he ran up and down the driveway attempting to fly it. Amazingly it's such a good design, it actually flew.

Today there was even less wind at home so the beach plan was hatched. There was a slight sea breeze and I managed to get it up in the air without any difficulty. I looked around in delight for the kids.

  • Noodle had skated off further than the eye could see on his skateboard. 
  • Little Guy had scampered down to the sea to throw stones in the water. 
  • Dedicated mum is standing on the beach, alone, flying a kite.

Check out the kites here,at invento-hq


  1. oh this is too funny....! :)~Melissa

  2. Yes, that's me: "lazy, disinterested, preoccupied mum" most of the time too! I think I can only be the dedicated mom for about 5-10 minutes before I have to go and multi-task.


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