Happy Children's Day

Today is Children's Day in Japan. It's a holiday! Isn't that sweet? Here are our crafty efforts. See more on Flickr. Little T made the egg carton fish at kindergarten (the teacher helped quite a bit I suspect). I had a go myself at origami - it was harder than it looks.

I have lived in Japan for over 15 years and still I just love to see the incredible koi no bori flags flapping in the wind at this time of year. Especially where we live, many people have the luxury of space, so a lot of households have huge 10m high poles to display. A lot of homes are shared with several generations which means more flags. The family next door to us has two houses on the property where the great grandmother, two grandparents, the young parents and the three grand children live. Their flags are impressive. Our front neighbours also share their home with grandparents so they have about six flags on their pole.

The black fish is the largest, that's the father, next is red, the mother, then there should be one fish for each boy in the household. Mine has a few too many fish ... it was kind of addictive making them. We just have two boys here and no plans for anymore!!



  1. Oh I LOVE THIS!! I want to celebrate Children's Day too! In Hawaii (where I grew up), Girls' day and Boy's Day is celebrated. On Boy's Day, people hang the fish outside like you mentioned, and on Girl's Day, traditional Japanese dolls are brought out and displayed. I have a picture of myself somewhere, in preschool wearing a kimono, I should post it on Julia's Bookbag sometime! xo, Melissa

  2. These are so sweet! Children's day is a lovely idea :)

    (I know my wee one's would be into it!)


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