Just in time for Mother's Day!

Well, you might have to get your skates on if you want to sew this bag for mum this Sunday! My submission for Oh My Handmade.com this month is a tote bag tutorial. It's hosted by Google online where you may view a slideshow, print, or download a PDF. (press menu on the slide below to view the link: Simple & Elegant Tote, then once it launches in full screen press 'actions' for downloading options).

I hope the instructions make sense. Please email me if you need any help.


  1. why are the seams ironed in like that instead of just using overlay stitch everywhere?

  2. congrats jacqui!!! super pretty bag.

  3. Hi Smurfette, do you mean the French Seam? I did it like that to make that seam very strong. It bears the weight of whatever you put in the bag vertically so I like a nice strong seam there. You could overlay/ serge if you won't carry too much stuff :)

    Thanks Stacey!


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