Kindergarten Frustration and a Request

One of the things I find incredibly frustrating about school and kindergarten is the sudden need for unusual items. They may be usual to the other mums but for me they are often confounding. On top of that the notices come with no warning and little time to get the 'mystery' item. This year I am trying to beat them to the punch by preparing all the things ahead of time. I have all of the old notices from Noodle's time at kindergarten so I can read ahead and know what might be expected.

In July, Little Guy's kindergarten will host a fireworks evening. All of the children are expected to wear a special summer kimono called a yukata - even boys. Noodle did not have one. I've searched high and low for a boy's one and come up empty-handed. Do any Japan-based families have a boy's yukata in size 120cm or 130cm? Any colour, any design suitable for boys, with the obi belt and geta shoes too would be great. Of course I am happy to pay shipping and reimburse you. Even a loan would be great.

I've been to Nishimatsuya, Shimamura, searched Rakuten and Nissen. I did find one at Belle Maison but their system won't allow me to register my name in katakana - more frustration and wasted hours. As you can see I don't want to spend a fortune since he will wear this thing once or perhaps twice in his life.

Thanks! I got one! oh the power of networking.


  1. I think you are on your hunt to early, I doubt the yukatas will be out until after the rainy season. You should ask on T&S there seem to be a lot of people packing up so you might drop lucky. i could offer you Ebi-kuns from last year but since your little man is bigger than mine that won't be much help!

    BTW how is the ear?

  2. Hi!
    My son's kindy allowed either yukatas or jinbei. AN I agree with what jojoebi said, it is too early maybe the end of next month or early July even and then they'll be everywhere, even at Uniqlo!
    Good luck!

  3. Oh excellent, thanks! I had not thought of uniqlo. I will keep quietly looking and of course I can always sew one I suppose.

    The ear? thanks for asking, unfortunately it is not better and I have just finished the second five days of antibiotics. It's not sore just blocked up. I may return to the doctor tomorrow.

  4. All the boys wear jimbei to the summer festivals up this way. Do let me know if you need the Belle Maison one - I often order from them ☆


  5. you could always make your own. I've seen free diagrams and patterns online. They seem pretty easy, and I've made a top (just shortened it) out of one of the diagrams/instructions. Hope this helps!

    this is what I used

    and this is the finished shirt I made

  6. We usually have a few second hand ones on going cheap, for next time :)


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