Li'l Magoolie Sponsor Update

Have you visited Li'l Magoolie recently? Blogger extraordinaire Maddie has recently given the website a lovely makeover. I love the way she's captured the current artistic trend with her banners - geometric graphic, colour overlay, venn diagram feel.

Mee a Bee is a proud sponsor of Li'l Magoolie. Check out what Maddie has to say in today's sponsor update.

A note about sponsoring: bloggers like Maddie spend hours and hours collating the beautiful information presented on their websites and they do it all for free! By sponsoring the site Mee a Bee is put in front of people who have an interest in products for kids and Maddie is compensated in a very small way for the amazing work she does. I love being able to support other work at home mothers.


  1. I "found" you through Maddie's post about you, also I managed to get two of your bags from a stockist who was closing down I think and sold them on trademe! They are so awesome and I'm stoked to have them. Lovely to see all you do and so cool that its in a different country. Somehow being a mum is the same whereever you are, even though (weirdly) you feel like it might be different, or maybe that just me! lol

  2. That's so cool Deb!! Thank you.

    Yes, being a mum, it's a daily grind, the same everywhere! A few curve balls being here in Japan but really kids are kids no matter where they are growing up.

    Keep in touch! I'd love to see pics of your new bags!!!


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