A new sewing table

In the course of rearranging the kids' rooms, my office and the sewing room I lost my sewing table. For the past two or so months I have been dangerously hunched over a folding card table when sewing on the machine. The only chair that worked was an adjustable height office chair but that I couldn't pull it close to the table because of the table frame. It was so bad for my back.

On the weekend I called into Nitori, our local cheap furniture shop and ordered this little desk. It's much nicer in real life as the top is tempered frosted glass. And only $50! (with free delivery) It's arriving soon. I cannot wait to have both of my sewing machines set up permanently at a height that is ergonomically safe to work at.

Maybe once it's set up I will be able to show you some pictures of my new sewing room. It's coming along very nicely.


  1. sounds good Jac, good sewing!

  2. Super Jacqui! There is nothing like a comfy and updated workspace to set the right scene for work! (*o*)/


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