Saturday Morning Delights

The kids and I often used to take to our bikes and spend the whole morning just cycling around the area. We had to give it up last year as Noodle had tutoring in the morning. Fortunately he's not in that class anymore so with the weather being a nice 28 degrees and a bit overcast I decided we should hit the streets.

Our first stop was the hardware shop. It's always fun as there is a pet shop and a garden center attached. I am not a dog person, but have fallen in love with a gorgeous six month old Italian Greyhound puppy. Years ago I watched a segment on Martha by Marc Morrone about dogs which might be more suited to apartment living and this one breed stuck with me. They don't bark much and are short haired.

Next we set off to find the park which we have often seen from the car. We got lost of course but stumbled upon a wonderful new cafe. It's kind of unique in that it appears to be part of a hotel but is in fact a nursing home. The cafe is quite separate but I imagine if you were visiting a relative who was in good health you might stroll round to the cafe. We had a positively delicious lunch outside on the terrace. (the pizza and a creamy bacon/asparagus pasta). The servings were ample for lunch and easily shared among the three of us.

The cafe is called Cafe Ku-On and is located right next to the Tajiri boat marina. I'm not sure about parking but the streets are fairly sleepy down that end of town so I think you could safely park in one of the side streets.

What a nice day out. And yes, we found the playground on our way back home.

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