Sewing as a hobby

The other day I was reading about small business management and the mind-set of creative entrepreneurs like myself who cannot help thinking of what to sell next. The article said that it's OK to have hobbies. You don't have to sell everything you make. This served as a great reminder to me that before I started sewing for Mee a Bee that I did enjoy sewing for myself, in a purely recreational manner.

I'm fairly certain that I was reading Scoutie Girl for this snippet of sage advice.

I took an afternoon off last weekend and made this top for myself. I used Simplicity 2418 which I ordered directly from It was a fairly easy top to make although I did have to employ several sewing techniques that I was a bit vague on - pleats, gathering and under-stitching. The front split was a tiny challenge too. Do you like my bargain-bin fabric? The lace 'dots' are actually embroidered spiders and along the bottom - cobwebs!

This top will make its debut on Monday when I have lunch with my PTA mother's group. The weather is supposed to be warm.

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  1. I agree. While I have timeframes, deadlines and stock levels to maintain with my Hand Dyed Fabric & Threads i refuse to add extra pressure by 'having to do' kumihimo embroidery etc. They just get done as I enjoy doing them.


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