And more celebrations: swimming club booze up

It's been quite a merry old time lately with things worthy of celebrating. My swimming club (the Master's Team) had a carnival (swim meet) two weeks ago for which we had been training quite hard. I couldn't go to the meet but I was still invited to the after-party.

Even though I swim with these people every week I wouldn't say I know them very well so I was quite nervous about going. I spent several hours getting ready and still ended up being late. Oh dear, they called my husband to find out where I was. I was a tiny bit lost and had made a mistake with the time ....

As I said going to the party was quite a big deal for me as I knew I would have to speak Japanese, with people I don't know, in a place I had not been before. I'm not shy but still I do get nervous about new things. I needn't have worried as everyone can speak foreign languages after one drink! And my Japanese is not as bad as I think. And these people are wonderful.

I really enjoyed getting to know everyone a bit better so I think I will definitely try to get more involved in future. It's another small step towards my goal of Blooming Where I am Planted (thriving in the situation I have landed myself in).

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  1. Good for you Jacqui! I am very impressed with your swimming efforts and know exactly how it feels to attend those kinds of functions - learned violin for a while and would go to those mid year and end of year celebrations. It always turned out much better than I expected!


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