Another celebration: kindergarten birthday party

Little Guy turns five next month so he was included in the term birthday party at kindergarten. All those kids born in April, May, June or July were celebrated in a lovely little party this week.

There were songs; each child made a brief speech and the teachers presented a puppet show. I loved the puppet show as it was one of my favourite stories: The Three Billy Goats Gruff.

Little Guy had to stand before the assembly and introduce himself, say how old he would be and what he loved about his mother. He said he loves me because I am so nice. Awww!. I sometimes am nice but often not! Other kids loved their mums' homemade lunches, their mother's smiles and helping their mums with housework.

The party was great but of course it was not without it's small hitches for me. I was surprised when one of the mothers accosted me about being there alone. She tried to insist that I sit in the front row since I was there by myself. I refused since I was quite happy where I was (being tall). Then Little Guy's teacher asked me if I wanted to move, twice. I wasn't following the reason why. Then they made an announcement, perhaps for my benefit, and I finally understood that the front row was reserved for one member of the family. Spouses, grandparents or any other accompanying person were to sit in the back row thus ensuring that everyone had a perfect view. Gawd, leave it to the kindy to have such rules!! I stood my ground and stayed in the back row but I did move along so I could see well.

Then I realised my camera    HAD   A    FLAT    BATTERY. 
I am truly the world's most useless mother!
I got three terrible photos.

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