His mum and dad

This morning my Little Guy and Mr. Mee a Bee are at kindergarten for the 'father & kid' open day. Just for one hour. They were both really excited. Mr. Mee a Bee has just emailed me this picture of us, done by Little Guy in his first weeks there. There's a lot of teacher input and instruction for most art projects at kindergarten including what colors may be used. Everyone has black hair and 'black' (dark brown) eyes. Little Guy got special permission to bust open the green for my eyes. Then he decided that green suited us both and did our tee shirts. Isn't it sweet? (looks like Mr. needs a shave).


  1. That's pretty awesome! I can't believe our boys are the same age- mine has never come home with anything that resembles a person! ;)

  2. Well done Little, the likeness is amazing!

  3. Thanks Tart! I'm pretty sure the teacher guides them A LOT. He draws at home but much more rudimentary.


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