In between showers

This morning was the open day at Noodle's school. Mr. Mee a Bee dutifully went along while Little Guy and I held down the fort at home. Rain was forecast and indeed just around the corner.

We went for a walk, really just around the block, in search of suitable backgrounds for this new bag. I love the contrast of this blue corrugated iron garage against my brown berry.

In this picture he is marching determinedly towards the keyhole on the garage door in order to see if our front door key will fit in it. He's always had a fascination with keys. I keep all of our spare keys hidden in a tin on a very high shelf.

The new bag seems perfect for his age. Since it's adjustable I think it will be most useful for three to five year olds. It's in-store now and if you hurry you can have the sample pictured for half price. Just send me a message.

Vintage Cars Backpack for Preschoolers by Mee a Bee.


  1. Looks great Jacqui. Love your fab creations and great choice of fabrics :)

  2. Godh, Little Guy looks like such a big boy now!!

  3. Hehe, that was supposed to say 'gosh'!!

  4. Did the key fit?


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