Little Lost Bear: have you seen him?

not the most recent shot but fairly accurate

Little Guy has lost his bear, his dearest friend, Oscar. He's been missing for a few days. Nobody can remember the last time we saw him but it's been a while. I'm so sad. Luckily Little Guy is not too worried. Thank goodness really as even just a week ago he would not have been able to sleep without Oscar.

I have searched high and low for this mischievous fellow. In the past he's been found in odd places including down the storm drain once. Most often he's been tossed behind the couch or is sound asleep in a box somewhere. He often comes along for the ride to kindergarten and gets left in the hot car all day.

If you see a little bear that looks lost he might just be our Oscar, nine years old, much-loved friend. He's very dirty, a bit smelly, has red felt-tip on his leg, sticky jam on his ear and his bottom area was lovingly repaired recently by Aunty M.



  1. He might have run away with Foofoo, my daughter's bunny. I, too, harbor fears for Foofoo because Hazel has a bad habit of taking stuffed animals to school in her backpack. But I'm holding out hope he's hiding in a bag or the kind of dark, confined places bunnies love so much. We miss you Foofoo, please come home and bring the bear with you!

  2. last time I saw him, he was behind the fridge!

  3. How sad! My daughter had a leopard receiving blanket which she named 'Kia'. Kia was lost in Target while she was shopping with my mom. I was devastated, and literally cried every time I thought about it. She was okay, until she came home and realized it had not come home with her. Of course, I got it at a store that no longer makes them. Thankfully, my friend found a similar one. My daughter is 2 1/2 and knows this isn't he 'old Kia', but she still calls it Kia anyway. Sometimes she will see pictures and say, "That's my old Kia. Can we find it?" =( Trust me, I called Target for a week straight to see if anyone had turned it in. Hopefully your sons bear is found. I think it's more sad for us as parents!

  4. jojo I did look there - that hat is still there (from when you were here)

    thanks everyone, I found him!

    Come home Foofoo!! and Kia!


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