Meet the Maker: Mee a Bee

Here I am sharing more of my crafty adventures with the Oh My readers. I made this ballet shoe bag following an online instruction manual from Clover. Click over to OhMy! to read more and grab the links.

UPDATE: CLOSED, thank you! Congrats Joelle!
ANSWER THIS QUESTION FOR A CHANCE TO BE THE chosen ONE: What kind of bag have you bought for your child or are planning to buy in the near future? (for what purpose).
Post your answer here on my blog. You may enter once and make sure I can get in touch via your blogger account or email address. I will make the draw on Wednesday June 8th. Good luck!


  1. Hmmm the next bag purchase I am planning, drawstring bags in various sizes and prehaps patterns for my 2.6 year old daugther's toys! Especially for the pieces stay together!

  2. I think we'll be needing a swimming bag soon!

  3. Hmm...I sew most of the bags for my kids. (totes, drawstring bags, etc.) But I have yet to learn how to sew a backpack. So I will be buying one for my son soon for the upcoming school year.

  4. My kids need drawstring bags of all sizes-for swimming, summer clubs, toys, and I desperately need a baby bag which doesn't look like I'm going on a trip to Jupiter for 5 that sits neatly on my stroller & looks pretty too!
    Laundry bags to hang on their doors in the bedrooms would be very sweet too.

  5. The last bad we bought for Mr 2 was a suitcase / travel bag :) before that was his daycare backpack.

  6. The next bag that I will be buying is a kids backpack for school. I would love to have a handmade one since it seems like all the kids end up buying the same backpack every year.

    A shoe bag is also nice because those are really hard to find! They used to sell it at the Sanrio store but I haven't seen them for awhile. They are nice to have for my daughters ballet and tap shoes that she takes with her to school.

  7. I bought two toddler bags. I would really like to buy drawstring bags. And what's even better is lunch bags!

    I need a lunch bag with a stury, waterproof, flat bottom, enough room for a bento box and a thermo. yet small and light enough to carry. Hard to find those in the US!

    smurfett at

  8. I bought a toddler bag for my little guy's birthday, and he grabs it right away whenever we go out for a walk or on the train. It's the perfect size for a little guy's trains, tissue, snack.

  9. My next bag will be for a toddler bag for my DD daycare clothes. I have bought recently Eco bags!

  10. and the winner is ... Joelle! #4 as generated at

    Joelle, can you get in touch via my email jacqui(at) replace (at) with @

    Thanks and congratulations.

    Thanks everyone else for your insightful posts, I have so many ideas for bags swirling in my head now.