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Yesterday morning I was updating the boys with my plans for the day. I told them I had some sewing to do but would wait until later in the afternoon. I planned to put on the air conditioning and do all my sewing as well as the mountain of ironing that I normally have on a Sunday afternoon - all their school uniforms and Mr's work clothes. Noodle suggested that now might be a great time for a summer sale. I think he missed my point about it being too hot to sew this weekend!

In any case I do have some bags on sale. The adorable Anchors n Lace bags going for just US$20.00 plus $6.50 p.p this week. I am sewing the straps to order so you may request the size you need: 75 cm for a two - three year old; 80 cm for three to five year old; 90 cm for older. order yours now directly through my blog or visit my shop.

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Strap Length

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