The truth about the persimmon

Let me tell you about our persimmon tree. Fruit trees all have a certain number of years associated with them before they will bear fruit. We waited patiently for fruit to appear on our tree. It took a few years. When we finally got fruit, our persimmon suffered at the hands of Little Guy. He couldn't resist plucking them off their branches before they ripened. Last year he actually threw a lovely-almost-ripe persimmon over the fence. I knew it was him of course. BUT it took a lot of coaxing to get the truth out of him.

When I found my three precious feijoa on the ground he was the first one accused (cry wolf?). However I have since come to remember that feijoa will fall naturally when ripe. (I am so excited about this year, we have so many flowers!).

The latest misadventure in the garden involves my agapanthus. Noodle brazenly admitted that he had pulled the one and only bud off the plant whilst sitting on the deck with his friends.

Last year Little Guy did the same thing.

We have never had an agapanthus in bloom in our garden.

Oh, I despair.

Little Guy tried to console me with his homemade agapanthus. I am wondering if some TLC will encourage this bud to bloom? I fear it's too early.

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