Wednesday Update

The weather
We're midway through a week of rain, rain and more rain. Rainy season has started here in Japan. Last Friday the skies opened and it really hasn't let up. Noodle's school was closed for the first part of Monday as there was a heavy rain warning out for the area. Fortunately it eased off and he was able to go a little later. Interestingly the kindergarten was not closed. I would have felt funny leaving my four year old somewhere when it was considered too dangerous for the nine year old to be out.

Today I visited Little Guy's kindergarten classroom along with the other parents for a class observation. I was impressed by his teacher's calm demeanor and careful explanations. The children were extremely well-behaved anyway but they were also able to handle their tasks competently and with vigour.

There were several songs which were accompanied by the teacher on piano. She played beautifully. I think it's wonderful that each class has a piano and that a person cannot even consider a career in kindergarten teaching if they cannot play.

Little Guy was a little bit dazed and confused at times. I have to remember that the other children have already completed one year at kindergarten so they know the drill. Little Guy doesn't know the words to the songs yet. He's new to speaking Japanese all day. He was pretty excited about having mum in the class. He was able to do most things but I noticed he had to look to his classmates quite a bit.

The main activity was an origami project. The children are working on calendars with a Rainy Season theme. Today's task was to make two hydrangeas and two leaves from paper. It looked so easy I decided to have an origami afternoon once we got home. Even though I had just watched the step-by-step instructions, broken down for four year olds, I'm sorry to say I had forgotten what to do. Shameful!

This is a good book to have if you're new to origami. It has very clear instructions and in particular I recommend reading the 'Basic Folds' section. Biggie learned them at kindy and he can usually make any of the complex origami from our other book and often has to rescue my bedraggled attempts.

Anyone need any origami paper? Let me know as I can pick you up some from our dollar shop.

Swimming and my Ear
Tonight, despite the rain, I headed to the pools to do some aqua-jogging. My ear is still playing up after almost three weeks so I have not been swimming. Of course once I got there and saw all of my friends I was desperate to join in. We swam 1.5 km in 50 minutes and I successfully executed only one out of six tumble turns perfectly. I'm crossing my fingers I don't wake up tonight in agony. I skipped diving practice just in case.

Have I told you about the heart-shaped freckle that my coach has? I think I just like swimming so I can catch a glimpse of it :)

The rest of the week
I'll have Chatty Cafe in the morning and then we're all very excited as Mr. Mee a Bee's new car is supposed to be ready tomorrow. More about that later.

How's your week shaping up?

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  1. Hi Jacqui. It's nice to get your newsy updates - sounds like you are busy as always. JP and I are visiting a local school this morning (we visited another last week) as it is less than 6 months now until Elenaor starts school. We need to start making decisions!! It's interesting to hear how Little Guy is getting on at kindy - they learn so much, don't they. Take care xxx


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