When is sushi not really sushi?

After a really busy day I found myself at half-past six without any plans for dinner. Luckily Mr. Mee a Bee had managed to finish work earlier than usual so we decided to eat out. Little Guy loves revolving sushi (who doesn't?) so we drove to a new-ish one in our area. Hama Zushi.

I'm not much of a fish eater and make very safe raw fish choices normally BUT modern revolving sushi caters to all palettes so it's possible to not even see a fish. Is it really sushi though? These are my two favourites:

Noodle and I finished our meal off with #10 American Chocolate cake, YUM. But would you believe it was so rich even I had a hard time eating it all? Oh boy, I am so full I think I will spend the rest of the evening lying on the couch. So much for spring-diet-with-the-hopes-of wearing-a-swimsuit-in-public!!


  1. sounds yummy Jacqui! especially the chocolate cake part! Sushu is just about the rice really so I suppose it's all sushi! I always ordered the tamago, kappa (wasabi nashi!!!) and corn (since I am vege) and Hiro always laughed at me and said they are for kids!!! I made curry rice for dinner here (we can get the same curry roux! yay!) but now I want to eat sushi!!!

  2. Yummo! My local sushi place does the best brown rice sushi and now I find it hard to go back to white.

    Hope you're enjoying some warmer weather Jacqui.

  3. mmmm brown rice, that's a treat I have never seen here Kellie.

    Claire! that's great. learned something new - you're a vegie!


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