Big A** Beetles

When you have kids it goes without saying that you will have pets, right? To teach them to care and nurture other living things or something like that?

My family had cats growing up but it wasn't until I went away to University that I realised I am allergic to them so cats are out of the question for us. Though we do name the various strays that hang around the paddock by our place. Fluffy Bum or Kitty, recently had two lovely kittens. We argue about their names every time we see them.

Little Guy loves dogs but I don't know the first thing about taking care of them. All I know is that they need a ton of exercise in all weather conditions and they poop everywhere. These things put me off getting one though it is still on the cards.

This is our pet: a Japanese Rhinoceros Beetle (or 'that THING' as I call it). Mr. Mee a Bee bought the eggs ages ago. They were eggs then disgusting smelly larvae. Two died which is why they were smelly I think. This big fella seems perfectly content in his little case in my laundry. It's gross but fascinating isn't it? Read more about Kabuto Mushi here. And no I have not nor will ever touch it! Noodle was only a little bit brave for a few minutes.

This week we are also baby sitting three goldfish. A real menagerie!


  1. This reminds me of the time I found one of those beetles in my handbag at Senri Chuo!!! I reached in to get my banana and got the fright of my life... the beetle was eating it. The staff were amazed and thought it must have been a child's pet that had somehow been lost... teach me not to leave my handbag on the floor in my office :-)

  2. You're such a good mom! My middle child is determined to bring home a lizard or a snake and I just can't agree to it. I'm too chicken to have them in the house! Maybe I could convince her to go the beetle route instead.


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