Ending the School Term with a Bang

Things have been slowly winding down at school and kindergarten. Noodle's been on half days for a week or so while the parent-teacher conferences were held. Little Guy had a half day after the fireworks event. We all had a three day weekend with a public holiday to celebrate "Marine/ Ocean Day" this past Monday.

Tomorrow is the last official day however we're under Typhoon Warning. The kids both brought all their stuff home today 'just in case' school has to close. FUN!

I spent the evening packing away all the loose items in our garden. Those wretched paddling pools would be the first thing to go at the mention of strong winds!

I had a super- busy weekend so I will post more about that later. Stay safe if you're in the typhoon zone.

**EDIT: school was cancelled but the typhoon bypassed our place!

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